Sell With Us

We offer two ways to consign with us.

You can either keep the items at your residence during the auction process (and we'll manage buyer pickup and scheduling), or we can move your items to our secure warehouse space and items are picked up from there.

Our commission rate is very competitive and varies based on the quality and quantity of your items, if we are moving the items to our warehouse, and the method of sale. You’ll never be shortchanged with any hidden or additional fees. All of our auctions start at $5 which not only assures the sale but initiates a lively bidding experience resulting in improved selling prices. For more valuable or sentimental items, we can always set a proper reserve to eliminate any concerns.

We’re the estate sale company without the burden of strangers walking through your house, cars on your lawn, rooms of unsold items, and little money at the end of the day.

To set up a free consultation, please email or call 203.258.7158